4.4 Tourism and Related Industries

To improve this vital industry, the government needs to look at different types of tourism such as Nature, Sports, Recreation and Regular Tourism, etc.

It is worthwhile having a detailed study about the feasibility of setting up a large tourism and gaming complex with other entertainment facilities on land that is not irrigated and has easy access to South Asian tourists. Large-scale tourism and gaming industries are not available in India and Pakistan. The investment in the entertainment industry will spread into other industries such as hotel, restaurant, water activities, transport etc. Kalpitiya in the Puttalam District could be an ideal area to set up a tourism and gaming complex. The added advantage here is the beach in the area. Kalpitiya is a dry sandy area with lot of barren land.

These should not be just tourism and gaming complexes but also entertainment centers with variety of activities for families. Water activities, state of the art cinemas, theme parks and other activities could be incorporated into these entertainment complexes. These centers could be made attractive to the wealthy to middle class South Asian community and general tourists from across the world.

Sri Lanka is central enough to develop the Colombo airport as one of the regional central airports similar to that of Singapore. A detailed study will be needed to examine what is required to achieve this. This study will certainly include looking at airline landing rights and upgrading other facilities at the airport. If the gaming complex idea can be set in motion, there could be a domestic airport where the complex is located. If the complex can be developed with sea frontage, cruise ship facilities should also be built. This will increase the traffic flow to Colombo Airport.

Sufficient measures necessary including the security will be put in place to ensure the safety of tourists.

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