Lionel Bopage

Lionel has been a political and social activist throughout his known life. He believes that ruling elites manipulate everything in all spheres of life in the current society. Application of the noble principle: ‘Government Of the People, For the People, and By the People’ is hard to find being practised almost anywhere in the world. Lionel has been a passionate advocate of social justice, fair-go and equity of opportunity. He believes that absolute uniformism, consumerism and profit maximisation have become sole governing values of the current human society. He strongly believes that advances in science and technology should be used mainly for the benefit of the world, not for its destruction and the improvements in productivity and competitiveness need to be holistically and fairly shared among the people as a whole. He questions the whole society and sees the problem of exploitation is directly linked to problems of racism and chauvinism and in turn to problems of war and peace. His doctoral thesis was on Trade Liberalisation and Structural Change in the Australian Motor Vehicle Industry.