Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) as an Enabler of Federalism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan ethnic conflict has been a widely discussed topic among both local and international scholars. Regardless of the differences of suggested solutions, many agree that the Sri Lanka needs political solutions based on decentralization of power and reorganization of diversity of the society. By now, all the main political players to the conflict mainly Sri Lankan government, LTTE, Muslim political parties and others have agreed for a political solution based upon decentralization and federalism. However, still Sri Lanka has been not able to develop any power sharing model suitable and agreeable to all the stakeholders. There may be several reasons for such failures but misunderstanding and misconception of concepts such as federalism, power decentralization and sovereignty remains one main obstacle for developing such political solutions. One another main problem is the implementation issues associated with conceptually agreeable principles of decentralization of governance……Read More

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