Executive Summary

Our policy platform aims at forging a progressive future-oriented movement working towards building an egalitarian society. This society will be based on the firm principles of equity, social justice and economic freedom and participatory democracy at all levels. It will be reinforced with the primacy of shared values for the whole of society as against profit maximisation for the few.

Such a society can only be developed on the basis of the current socio-economic and political conditions that exist in our society. The modern world has the wherewithal and advanced technologies such as automation and digitisation that will allow us the opportunity to provide a decent standard of living for all regardless of age, race, class or creed. That is why we are at this particular juncture in history presenting modern solutions to fix the rapidly deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka to take the country beyond the 21st century.

We believe that social justice and economic equality cannot be achieved without challenging the existing inequalities of power and wealth in society.  We can overcome such inequalities only by empowering the people and thus ensuring that all of us have a guaranteed minimum standard of living, well-being and an equal opportunity to develop the full potential of all of us.

This can only be realised by empowering the people to make their own decisions. This will provide all of us with the opportunity to proactively participate and engage in the decision-making process that governs the economic, social and cultural life of the nation. In doing so, we can ensure that the freedom, solidarity, justice, economic security and equality prevail.

As such, this movement will be built on principles based on social justice, equality and inclusiveness that will collectively contribute to the socio-economic and political progress of the nation. This can be engendered through productivity, creativity and ethical entrepreneurship that will result in peaceful coexistence for everyone that constitute our society.

Since independence, subsequent administrations have presided over ever-increasing corrupt practices, failing to deliver a thriving economy and a fair and just society and losing the plot in uplifting the standard of living of the masses.

It is worth remembering, that during this period, the youth of the country have been decimated in three rebellions launched against the country’s untenable mode of governance. The dismal results are not hard to discern: an increasingly disempowered society fragmented along narrow and selfish nationalist lines.

We offer an alternative way of practising and involving in political discourse. We believe that a process that involves the whole of society with a bottom up engagement is vital to address the prevailing issues that hinder social cohesion and equity. In doing so, we want to create a rule-based society that will value individual life and treat everyone with dignity and respect. We believe that not a single life needs to be sacrificed for the advancement of society.

Our policy platform offers modern alternative approaches in vital areas such as: restoring law and order, addressing corruption, delivering economic growth, democratisation of the economy, constitutional reforms, provincial governance, public sector reforms, reforms in health, education, sports, transport, agriculture and taxation, sustainable tourism, investment promotion, working with non-resident Sri Lankans, environmentally sustainable development, waste management and resource recovery, industrial relations, multiculturalism, social policy, ethical trading, adopting the fourth industrial revolution, application of gender mainstreaming, arts and culture, media and communication, social market economy, democratic public ownership, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, disaster management and social resilience, international relations, regional collaboration and integration, international trade and partnerships, food security, water security, energy security and morale, spirituality, happiness and well-being.

We believe that with collective action underpinned by social justice, ethnic harmony and economic equity, the society and the individual can be empowered and mobilised irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, caste, creed, faith or sexual orientation.

We present to you the people of Sri Lanka, these clear policy initiatives for your consideration, discussion, participation and input. We are dedicated to the task of mobilising people around this progressive and inclusive policy platform utilising all means and institutions available at our disposal.

We strongly believe that the task of rallying round masses to fighting for the change we had to have, should be based on an agreed substantial policy position for alternative government, not on a short-term task of winning elections at any cost. That is why we are focusing strongly on this policy document. We have great pleasure in inviting you to join with us in any way you can on this important task to effecting this long overdue change of providing a decent society for this generation and the future generations