1.5 Addressing Widespread Corruption

It is vital to address widespread corrupt practices that are prevailing in Sri Lanka. It can only be done through establishing an Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC).

IBAC should have coercive powers to compel an individual to participate in its enquiries.

No citizen of Sri Lanka regardless of the position that citizen holds, will be able to ignore a subpoena served by IBAC.

IBAC should report to the Parliament once in every two months. A bipartisan parliamentary committee should be established to oversee the activities of IBAC. A Secretariat should be appointed to assist the parliamentary committee.

IBAC will be set up under legislation with powers to investigate and recommend for prosecution private sector activities that hinder open and transparent public-sector operations and activities that contravene public policy positions. Anybody can report to IBAC regarding misconduct of government agencies or private agencies where government officials are involved.

IBAC should have powers to undertake investigation of their own volition. IBAC can work on references made by Parliament, Cabinet and the Community.

Legislation needs to be enacted making it a criminal offence to interfere with IBAC enquiries, punishable by imprisonment.

IBAC will have more powers than any anti-corruption body currently operating, and it will continue to operate combating corrupt activities on an ongoing basis.

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