4. Futuristic Industry & Infrastructure

The operation of local buses, taxis and hire car services should come under the jurisdiction of PCs. The inter-city buses and trains should remain in the hands of the national government. A National Transport Authority will be established to operate inter-city bus services, railway system, any non-recreational cruise operations and other mode of ground transportation that are not the responsibility of the PC.

National government should undertake major rail infrastructure projects including fast rail projects so that people can travel from distant places to cities for work.

Public-sector buses can run alongside the private operators, with each province setting up its own public transport authority to oversee the running of these services.

It will be mandatory to operate feeder bus services to and from railway stations. Taxis, Uber, three wheelers, fair share arrangements and hire car operations should be regulated by the Transport Authority of each PC. This is an area where Platform (sharing) Co-operatives could work.

The National Transport Authority should undertake a study to alleviate the transport congestion in Colombo and inner suburbs of Colombo. The study will consider a number of public transport options such as Sky Rail, Trams and enhanced rail and bus services and imposing restrictions on the flow of cars into Metropolitan Colombo. It is ideal to have a plan to move government offices outside Metropolitan Colombo, where it is practical to do so. This should be in the mix for consideration when looking to reduce traffic congestion.
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Our industrial relations policy will provide for workplace arrangements and associated employment relations matters. This policy will apply to all employment relationships at a work place under various employment situations both unionised and non-unionised. We will set up an Investigatory Parliamentary Committee to look into the existing system of industrial relations. At the outset, a referral will be provided to investigate into the independence and the appropriateness of powers of the industrial relations tribunal. We believe that all workers should have a protection mechanism and above minimum wages and conditions determined by an Independent Industrial Relations Commission with non-judicial power of arbitration in settling industrial disputes.
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To improve this vital industry, the government needs to look at different types of tourism such as Nature, Sports, Recreation and Regular Tourism, etc.

It is worthwhile having a detailed study about the feasibility of setting up a large tourism and gaming complex with other entertainment facilities on land that is not irrigated and has easy access to South Asian tourists.

These should not be just tourism and gaming complexes but also entertainment centers with variety of activities for families.

Sri Lanka is central enough to develop the Colombo airport as one of the regional central airports similar to that of Singapore. If the gaming complex idea can be set in motion, there could be a domestic airport where the complex is located. If the complex can be developed with sea frontage, cruise ship facilities should also be built. This will increase the traffic flow to Colombo Airport.

Sufficient measures necessary including the security will be put in place to ensure the safety of tourists.
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